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We had the pleasure to interview Luca Cantani, Senior Animator who has been working at Cinesite, Double Negative, MPC, Framestore, The Mill, Axis Animation... working on Shows like "Godzilla", "Avengers: Age of Ultron!, "In the Heart of The Sea", "Pirates of Caribbean", "Mission Impossible"...

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Interview Luca Cantani

 1 - Hi Luca and many thanks for your time, please, tell us about your currently position.

I'm currently working as Sr. animator at Cinesite London

2 - How did you get your first paying job in the Animation Industry? Who was your employer and what was your job title?

After a 3 years Digital Course in Milan my first job was a junior animator for a tv series in Milan.

3 - What are some of your favorite projects you're proud to have been a part of? 

I had the great opportunity to work in projects like "Godzilla", "Avengers: age of Ultron", "Pirates of Caribbean", etc..

4 - What was your favorite Character to animate?

In general what I love the most is to animate creatures. and one of my favorites was to animate some of the whales during "In The Heart of the Sea" directed by Ron Howard

5 - You've been working on VFX, commercials, games...so, Preferences? Main differences?

I have been working in Commercial , Games and VFX. At the moment Commercial has a very high level quality of animation but the time to delivery a shot is much shorter than you have in VFX. In Game you need to be more a technical animator than just an animator, you have to follow the rules related with the game designer and the limits of the engine. Most of the animation is with mocap and you will spend most of the time cleaning it. VFX is the most enjoyable but the most difficult, you need to be technical, creative and the animation has to be very clean.

6 - Are you formally trained as an artist or are you self-taught?

I have done a master in a Digital course but it was focus in 3D in general more than in animation. I have done only very few hours an animation during the 3 years course, so while I was waiting to start an animation course (on line) I was also study on The Animator's Survival Kit.

7 - What part of your job do you like best and why?

Every show is a challenge but is also fun event for this. You will be part of a great team, animation team are the funniest team in the show :)

8 - What is the most difficult part for you about being in the animation business?

Do not fall in love with your first animation, you will receive notes, notes, notes ... And it will keep changing and sometime if your shot is not in the final edit it will be cutted and you will not receive that shot. 

9 - Most of the companies are frequently working on shots with motion capture and / or hand key animation...For all the aspiring animators what would you say are the top skills that should have to become a professional animator?...

As animator you never stop learning new stuff but whether you are animating a character or a creature or cleaning mocap is important that your base animation skill are very strong, timing posing body mechanic etc..

10 - Is there any advice you can give to an animation student trying to get into the animation business?

Study, practice and... have fun :)

11 - Would you recommend Schoolnology to the new students? Why?

Considering the high level of the tutors and the technology in live… I will recommend it.

Many thanks Luca, see you soon. 

"What I like most is give life to creatures"

Luca Cantani
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